Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

My days the last couple months are usually made up of work Monday through Friday, train after work & race on the weekends. A day off during the week throws off my rhythm. A whole day to get ready to leave for Iowa City tomorrow, were not even leaving until 2:00 pm so really I could get ready tomorrow. I managed a couple projects, still had to remove a few screens & put in the windows for winter, better late than never. Took the recycling over to the spot. Weather's great definitely have a ride planned.

Monday is always my day off, I was exhausted from the weekend. Tuesday I usually do a light workout, still exhausted. Rode the trainer for 30 minutes. Was I getting sick? Wednesday is my hard day, still tired. Decided to just chill on the trainer again, 30 minutes. Today...finally feeling recovered, so maybe I wasn't sick just spent from last weekend.

Headed over to one of the top secret training grounds for some hard efforts. Plan was to do 4 laps, recover, then 4 more laps, cool down. First set shaved 39 seconds off my previous PR. OK...I'm recovered from the weekend. I packed up, skipped the 2nd set & slow-rolled over to another top secret training ground. I don't like to abandon a workout but I'm racing in 2 days so why push my luck if I'm going that good. I opted for one hot lap at the 2nd location & called it good. Besides this is what I had waiting for me. Tofu goodness!

Oh yeah...we invited a few dogs over for the festivities. Shilo, Hudson, Scout, Abe, & Ellie. 2 yellow labs, a black lab, a jack russell, & Hudson...the dachsund/yorkie mix. Hope everyone is having a good day. Later, TK

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lincoln CX in the books...

Where to start...

What's being on a team all about? It could never be any more clear than it is to me now. We all came together with a common goal & ended up pulling off a successful weekend of racing. THANK YOU to everyone that helped out & THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to race. A special THANK YOU to everyone who traveled from out of state, you all helped to make this a great weekend. THANK YOU to the weather! Back to back 50 degree days. To all those that didn't show really missed out.

The was unbelievable. It had everything. With the exception of the 1/4 mile road section, the 1.5 mile circuit was an 8-10 foot wide grass speedway. You could rip through the corners carrying all kinds of speed. A single double barrier section & of course the Hooligan Hill run-up. This course was about as good as I've ridden. Top three we'll call it. JJ if you're reading this...Saturday at Spooky Cross last year is one my top three. What's number one you might be thinking...Nationals '06 in Providence, that course was amazing.

Hooligan quiet as I've ever seen it on Saturday. Wierd. Sunday the freakin' hook! People in your face screaming your name cheering you on, that's what its all about. THANK YOU for that intense energy, every lap I would look forward to arriving at the hill to be greeted by the insanity. A $5 hanging from the tree that I grabbed didn't hurt either.

Oh yeah how did I race? I was concerned all week that promoting & racing wouldn't mix, but I still had plenty in the tank to put forth a couple good races. I continue to be pleased with my fitness with Nationals just 3 weeks away.

Jingle Cross this weekend in Iowa City.

Again, thank you.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


You see it on the schedule all year & before you know its here. This has always been one of my favorite weekends, sure its local, but I love this course. Fast, fast, fast. Flowing corners, fast barrier section, Hooligan Hill rowdies, beautiful park & its all 10 minutes from my house. The preparations are nearing completion, we're starting set-up tomorrow morning, & the weekend weather looks sweet.

Random start line photo on the right. Actually, now that I think of it, where the hell is Adam Lang?

See you all Saturday!!


Monday, November 17, 2008


Having a bad day is a relative term. Team mate Tom Price hit a root, crashed, & injured his shoulder. That's a bad day. Mark Studnicki was going for a potential win in the 35+ & dropped his chain. That's a bad day. Me...I dropped my chain on the start of the 2nd lap, crashed a half lap later, & then flatted a front tubular & had to run about 1/4 mile to the pit. Bad day? Nope, I actually had a good day. Why? Once I got on my pit bike with all my troubles behind me, I felt great. Fitness was there, stamina, power. 8 laps of chasing, never quite got there, but it was a good day.

Lincoln CX this weekend, hope you all can make it up here. Weather's looking real good.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Smile, smile, smile.

The Sirrius/XM merger hadn't really had any impact on me or my XM listening habits, until this morning. When I checked my email this morning there was some XM spam about the new channel line up. Well, well, well...the grateful dead channel, channel 57. 24/7 Grateful Dead. I headed for the receiver & sure enough there it was, 24/7 Dead. My usual listening habits are XM 84 (the chill) which is trippy electronica or XM 81 (BPM) dance music or XM 43 (XMU) which is indie/college/unsigned.

So why am I fired up about the Dead 24/7? In another life I actually was a follower. Saw my first show at the Aladdin Theater in Vegas in '82 & over the next 10 years saw them probably another 50 times, mostly in the mid 80's. The last couple times I saw them was Giants stadium in Jersey & Madison Square Gardens. The Giants Stadium show Sting opened, wierd. That was like '91 or '92, can't remember. The Garden shows were the same time frame, they were doing like 12 nights or something epic, again can't remember exactly.

The farthest I traveled for a show was probably from Boulder to Portland, Maine at the Cumberland County Civic Center. The best part was we went all the way there & didn't even have tickets. Managed to get tickets & had a great time, I thing I paid $120 for 2 tix. It was worth it because it was pouring rain outside. The next night was in Hartford, I had tickets for that show. Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Red Rocks (many times), Sacramento, Oakland, The Greek Theater in Berkeley (sweet venue, again had no tickets but got in), Milwaukee all come to mind.

Another life.

When I came home for lunch today I tuned in & listened to Hartford '74 for a bit. When I got home from work, Holly had left it on & the dog's had been chilling out to the Dead when she went to work. They did seem a little mellower than usual.
Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride, hot as a pistol but cool inside.
Cat on a tin roof, dogs in a pile,
Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile!!!!



Monday, November 10, 2008

Damn you Andrew Coe!

Maybe I'm getting faster. Boulevard Cup, Andrew Coe blows by me on like the 2nd lap or something, I never saw him again. Yesterday I either made him work for it or he was just biding his time, because he didn't get by me until 2 to go. When he did go by it was with an audible whooosh! Dude was flying.

I remember a time (last year) when Chris Wallace was always behind me. Now...he's taken his skills to the next level & beyond. Pushed Jensen to the line yesterday, very nice. Ok, maybe I'm not getting any faster just everyone around me is.

Slotted in 8th out of 20 in the 1/2/3's yesterday. Fast course, all grass, smooth, great circuit. I'm pretty happy with my ride. Weather was awesome, mid 40's, sunny, no wind to speak of.

I heard this was the last race at this venue. This was the site of one of my first CX road trips, might even have been the first. The first place I ever saw Dean Parker on his orange Salsa. I was doing the B's, was in about 4th & ran my front wheel into the cement stairs run-up. Chain came off, some people went by & I ended up 7th. Those stairs have brought the ire of many racers over the years. We used to dismount on pavement/slash white rock right before that run up. Ask Tom Price about that jewel of an approach to the stairs. Its fitting that Roger determined that yesterday's approach & use of the stairs was unsafe & removed it from our race prior to the start.

Heading to Leavenworth again Sunday. New venue, a college down there.

Roger, thanks for the picture above & a great race.

Carolynn, thanks for grabbing my jacket I left at the start line.



Friday, November 7, 2008's cold now

Bundled up & headed over to the top secret training grounds. Air temp 35ish, windchill upper teens.
Three "warm-up" laps, four "hot" laps, & one "cool" down lap. 50 minutes total & my feet were frozen.
Ok...its cold now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boulder Cup...the longer version

The folks who put on these races do an unbelievable job, DBC Events. Harlow Platts is like a mini-Nationals and the reservoir course is hard to describe, its sort of a barren landscape peppered with goat heads. The weekend starts at the reservoir, if you survive racing on the surface of the moon, you are rewarded with Harlow Platts on Sunday. The course was described as 10% sand, 10% pavement, & 80% grass. Grass is a relative term, I'd call it more like 10% grass & 70% a sandy, bumpy, dusty lunar landscape. To those who race with any regularity at the reservoir you probably develop a love/hate relationship with the venue, for outsiders visiting yearly you are left wondering what you just went through. I'm starting to love the venue, or hate it, I'm not sure.
Harlow Platts is as good as it gets. Fast grass, flowing corners, sand, brilliant barrier sections (the addition of the stairs this year was superb), just the right amount of everything. Both venues need to be experienced to be appreciated.

You know you've got a good thing going as a promoter when you can
raise the entry fee by 25% over last year, eliminate all the payouts except for the elite's & still have huge turnouts. I'll be back, it was worth every penny.

How can you go wrong when you've got your Dad in the pits on Saturday cheering you on & your bro working the pits on Sunday yelling his head off. My brother kept yelling something like "get some!" or something like that, it was kind of funny but strangely appropriate. Also in my corner, my Mom, my wife, & our 2 dogs.

You know you're in someone else's house when each race starts by calling up the local series leader's. The first 2 rows both days were are all locals, I did mange to jump in the 3rd row each
day, can't complain.

I'm sure there's more but...looking forward to next year.

Leavenworth this Sunday.



Sunday, November 2, 2008

the way it should be...

Quick recap, still at my parents in Fort Collins.
Saturday @ Boulder Resevoir 19th outta 40 some in the 35+ 1/2/3's. Felt pretty good, tough course, gravel, sand, sand, sand, hot.
Sunday @ Harlow Platts 16th outta 50 some in the 35+ 1/2/3's. Today was awesome. 45 minutes of bike to bike action. The whole event was a battle for position with a 4 up, 200 yard, uphill sprint to finish, I held on for 2nd in the group. There wasn't any point in the race when I wasn't either fighting somebody off or looking for a chance to pick off somebody up ahead. This is the way it should be. Glad I came.