Thursday, October 30, 2008

O2 debt

In an effort to take CX suffering to a new level, I'm making my 2nd annual trip to CO for 2 days of racing in Boulder. Last year went way better than I had expected in the 35+ open category. I got a 20th on Saturday & something like 24th on Sunday, 60+ starters both days. This category is stacked w/ fast guys. Here's my plan...ride as hard as I can for 45 minutes, seems simple. My mantra: reasonable expectations.

Little known facts about me...I actually grew up in Colorado Springs, went to CU, my parents live in Fort Collins, & my brother & his wife just moved to CO Springs from Denver. So going out there is not that big of a stretch.

Last year a crew from KS also made the trip, not this year. Looks like I'm representing the midwest by myself. I wish I could be at the Nationals preview race at Tiffany Springs but...whatever, I'll see it in December.

See you on the other side.



Monday, October 27, 2008


Spooky Cross Year 2. Had so much fun last year had to come back. This year showed up with 3 team mates Ryan, Tom, & Craigio. Tom & I opted to double up both days lured in by the cash payout in the master's race. Arrived early Saturday to find a slightly soggy & slightly muddy circuit. All of us decided to do the early races in older (not-white) kits instead of our team issue white topped affair. JJ & Tony know how to be creative when designing a course. I raved about their courses last year & they lived up to my expectations again this year. I can't even begin to describe the two courses, so I won't. Ask me sometime when you've got a few minutes & I'll elaborate. One element I have to mention is from Sunday's course. In order to access a section of the property they had to have a crane bring in 4 phone poles to span a creek. Then they took 3/4" plywood to make a surface, stapled some indoor/outdoor carpet on top & there you had your creek crossing, it was like 25' across. They put a barrier right in front to get you off the bike & running across the bridge. Freaking ambitious to say the least, totally successful because the section they opened the race into had multiple short, steep, painful climbs. Well done guys!!!
Here's my personal recap:
Race 1- Master's 40+...3rd
Race 2- 1/2/3's...3rd
Race 3- Master's 40+...3rd
Race 4- 1/2/3's...5th

Highlights: Race 2 was a lap after lap throwdown with Sean Walker (Bikes 2 You) 25-30 seconds back, dude wouldn't give up. Race 4 was a lap after lap, wheel to wheel throwdown with Andy Lueck (Rasmussen). He attacked up the most severe climb w/ 2 to go & I couldn't answer. Well done my friend.

Tom dominated the Master's, & was a force both days in the 1/2/3's with a 2nd & 3rd.
Craigio had a 6th in Master's Day 1 & a wild ride for 9th in the Master's Day 2. You'll have to ask him about that one.
Ryan had a 3rd in the 3/4's on Saturday fighting back after a mechanical & a strong 6th in the 1/2/3's Sunday.

A really good weekend for the Midwest Wheelmasters.

Now all we have to do is get those in charge in KS & NE to get together with those in IA & try to not cross-schedule events. I know its tough, maybe impossible, but this is a weekend that should not have to battle with other races on neighboring states schedules. Probably just a dream but as long as I'm around I'm going to pimp this event & keep coming back! The Iowa folks are an awesome crew, I've been coming over for the last 4 years. See you all at Jingle Cross.

Team Skin dude that gave me the cross DVD's, thanks! I'm usually good with names. When I figure it out I'll update.

I got gas Saturday morning in Lincoln $2.49, got to Des Moines $2.15. Later the same day $2.09. The next morning$2.08. Got back to Lincoln, $2.49. WTF!



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

mas boulevard

Who's this dude, Andrew Coe? It might look like I'm racing with him, but actually he's blowing my doors off & rode right through me. Never seen him before & this was possibly the last I saw of him during the race.

Tony Wilhelm siting:

If you live in the NE, KS, or IA you're either not riding, soaking wet, or on the trainer for a few days. It started raining here yesterday afternoon, stopped briefly around 4:00 yesterday so I could ride home from work dry at least & its been raining all night & pouring right now. So whether your racing in Des Moines or KC this weekend its going to be muddy I suspect.



Monday, October 20, 2008

my "ok-ness"

Boulevard Cup, 4 years ago I drove down w/ my dad to race the inaugural Boulevard Cup as a "B". I won, my dad was pretty stoked. I still have the pint glass trophy, we use it as a votive holder. My dad made himself at home during my race, just about every lap I went by him he was eating a plate of food or drinking something provided by the race hosts.

Last year in the 1/2/3's it was one of those rare races when 5 or 6 guys are together going at it lap after lap. Not for the win but for 5th through 10th. By rare races I mean when you've only got 20 guys starting it inevitably thins out & there's a lot of singles out on the course. I think I ended up 9th or something but it was memorable, a good time.

I didn't mention 3 years ago course because it was forgettable, this year it was memorable only because with the wind blowing a bit & the course softened up from recent rains it ended up being tough. For those who couldn't get the engine humming you know what I'm talking about.

I heard 21 starters at the line, I slotted in 10th at the finish. Should I be happy with that, probably not. How do I feel about it? Ok I guess. I actually rode pretty well.

What will I remember most about yesterday's race? With maybe 4 to go, I approach a barrier section over by the skate park. Approach is good, speed is good, but I caught my left toe on the barrier & pile drive my head into the ground. I get up, birds chirping merrily around my head, dazed for sure. My helmet is cock-eyed, my glasses are cock-eyed, & my head is spinning. A brief pause to regain my composure & I take off again. Pretty sure no one witnessed this, it was ugly.

Thanks to all the folks cheering me on & shouting encouragement.

White skinsuit survived the mud holes.

Des Moines this weekend for 2 days, looks like I might be testing out the white skinsuit in the mud again.



my ok-ness continues...

I'll elaborate later. Didn't sleep very well last night, started off good but woke up in the middle for awhile. Tom...I had a dream somebody stole some kind of lamp off your back porch, it was over by the grill? Not sure how to interpret that.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

My day off....

Didn't travel yesterday so I had to make the best of my day off. Wife & dogs went up to Norfolk Friday night, so it was just me. Wierd.
-mowed the lawn
-unhooked the hoses
-cleaned out the gutters
-took the recycling
-went to the grocery store
-went to the bread store
-rode my bike
- got my bikes ready for KC tomorrow
-watched about 1/2 the Husker's game
If you remember last weekend, or not, I was experiencing some shifting problems. I rode my "A" bike today to make sure the problem was gone. Unfortunately it was still there. I tightened up the cable a couple clicks & it seemed to go away. Hmmmm?
Went home & began the clean up for today's races in KC. I discovered the root of my shifting woes...I had a piece of an outer plate on my chain broken off. I can't believe the chain didn't come apart. Picture not included, but I took one.
So I ended my day with a soy cheese pizza & channel surfing between cops, CU v. KSU, & Barrett Jackson Classic car auction on Speed Channel.
Man I'm ready to race today.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Pretty good & OK that's my weekend. Saturday was pretty good. Rode hard, consistent, not a whole lot of mistakes. Actually had a good start, finally. Ended up 7th & was happy. Interesting course. First of all it was at night, under the lights. Second, it was mostly on a dirt oval race track & its infield. Kind of hard to imagine unless you were there but it ended up being a lot of fun. I guess CX can be a good time if you feel like you're going good.

"Ok", that was Sunday. Ok start, not great. First lap I noticed my cassette was skipping a bit? Should have pitted right away & switched bikes, didn't. Didn't matter anyway. I ended bobbling a gravel corner & then full on crash a bit later in another gravel corner. Both incidents were not cassette related, but now my rear shifter is jammed w/ grass & its still shifting like crap. Craigio's working the pit, I come in "hot"(sorry man), ghost ride my bike at him, it pile drives into the ground right before him, & I manage an ungraceful remount on my pit bike. Not pretty but it worked, I didn't lose any spots. So I spend the next 7 laps chasing Wilkins, I can't catch him. Lap after lap he's hovering about 15 seconds (guessing) in front of me. Nice ride man! The whole time I'm holding off a KCCX rider about the same gap behind me. 11th, just "ok". Compared to how I felt mentally after the first race 2 weeks ago, I'm feeling/racing better. Its still really early.

Credit where credit is due:
Wilkins, tough.
Woodman, awesome ride. Ended up 6th, in front of a bunch of tough riders.
Tom, both days tough as nails! I love it, you're going great! 4th on Saturday, 3rd on Sunday!

Traveled ( 2 cars) w/ Craig, Ryan, & Matt T. Good crew, had a lot of fun.

Thanks Nancy for putting us up, the oatmeal bars, pasta, & everything else.

I said a couple weeks ago something's gotta give w/ this busy CX schedule. Next weekend is going to be Sunday only. Sorry Jeff if you're reading this. I've got to get some stuff done around here. Des Moines for 2 days the following weekend & then Boulder the weekend after that.



Monday, October 6, 2008

KS - Round 2

Spent Friday through Sunday in KC, round 2 of what might be 4 rounds in 4 weeks. I believe this was the first time I've been down there in recent years that didn't involve a bike race. Scott & Tanya had a perfect wedding & reception, met some new folks & saw a lot of people I knew. So glad we could enjoy their special event. Tom & Nancy, our gracious inn-keepers, thank you! Waffles, yum! Tom & I ripped up the bike trails on Saturday. 38 miles of "I have no idea where I'm at" fun. A twisting, undulating, big gear jam. A wide smile ride that left me pretty shelled.

Topeka & Lawerence this weekend. Topeka's an 8:30 pm start, something different.