Saturday, December 31, 2011

yeah, it was a little bit...

dry, windy, & 40 something.  great last day of '11 riding dub-g. awesome!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry merry...

uh oh, new gadget alert...

have a good one all!



Friday, December 23, 2011

kickin' it off...

the three-dayer that is, first of two. damn right!

b-o-11 part 2, can't go wrong with this jam. no shortage of versions out there, I'll just grab one. turn it up, sit back, commence the head a bobbin'...

stay tuned,


Thursday, December 22, 2011


hard to choose but Beirut floats to the top. My favorite song, Santa Fe.  This npr session is sweet, wish I had the xmu session to share as well but I don't...

how do I pick my best of?  satellite radio is on in our house from the time we get up to until we go to bed, been that way for years.  partly because we like a backdrop of tunes but also because we think it keeps the dogs "occupied", less mischief maybe? the latter is probably wishful thinking.  we hear a lot of songs many many times & the ones that I can listen to over & over again fall into the "best of", at least that's the formula I'm going with...

stay tuned,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NE R.o.Y...

nebraska rider of the year...well mine at least.
Trans Iowa - Finisher
Royal 162 - Finisher
Dirty Kanza - Finisher
Gravel Worlds - Finisher

That's a helluva lot of gravel racing.

Good job buddy.



Sunday, December 18, 2011


what a day! rolled out around 35 & settled into the low 40's with a light westerly, damn nice! ran into some peeps out by conestoga - PC, Janna, Lis, & Ryan.  they had the same plan as myself, enjoying it! we wished each other a great rest of the day & I pushed on.  just a few clicks later I met some new friends...

one by one, 4 outta the six made its way to the fence to introduce themselves. we were all in agreement, what a beautiful day!  (#4 not pictured, picture sucked)
horses are hard to read, at least for me. a dog...their a lot easier, you got the tail wagging, smiling, hopping about or the opposite...barking, growling, standing their ground. worse yet, chasing you on the bike pissed off.

here's how I look at it, if a horse walks up to you I think he/she is probably pretty cool with you being there.  I still take it pretty slow, extend the back of the hand (that's what I do with dogs) let 'em check ya out & proceed with some forehead patting & scratching.

I said goodbye & thought maybe I'd show up with a few apples someday, I'm guessing I'd be 6 for 6 at the fence...



Friday, December 16, 2011

5 hunge...

A survivor.  Not sure what it is or how it happened but this stuffed animal has been in the mix for 2 years, maybe more.  It's eyes were ripped off on day one like everything introduced into the mix but for some unknown reason it hasn't been torn to shreds & emptied of its stuffing.  It still sees action, getting routinely pulled from the box of toys but never dismembered? 

Day one for this guy...the eyes went straight away then it looks like an ear.  Stuffing was strewn from the kitchen into the living room.  Must have been quite a battle.  I was thinking about setting up some kind of critter cam to see what goes on when were not home, then again...maybe I don't want to know.
oh yeah...this is the 500th post on this damn thing.  I'm glad it could be a such a pithy commentary.  Real "water cooler" material.  Raise your glass, coffee mug, or whatever. Here's to 500 more posts about virtually nothing.  Thanks for tuning in. I can't promise 500 more glances at the trivial & mundane but I'll give it a shot...or not.



Thursday, December 15, 2011

poly styrene thursday...

the way I look at...there's today & tomorrow, then its the weekend.  Hell, I'm seeing some gravel riding as a possibility this weekend.  I'm also seeing TWO three day weekends in the near future, oh yeah!

hang in there...


Monday, December 12, 2011


...castelli touchpad ready glove.

actually it wore out, but it does work with the iPhone.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011


2012? hmmmm? After multiple "never again" moments following the finish of last year's TI, time has healed all wounds, well most anyway, and I'm back on the roster for this year's event.  As a finisher it was only a matter of emailing GT to let him know I was planning on coming, a nice change from my last two registrations which involved getting a postcard to him & entry being based on a first-come/first-in basis.  I got in both times but the process was far more involved than just hitting send. My first TI attempt ended at the 2nd checkpoint after 130ish rain soaked miles, I pulled the plug on the event there but still had a historic 40+ mile journey back to Grinnell on the pavement in a driving rain with Sean Mailen & Joe Mann.  Historic.  Last year...I won't get into it, check out my posts if you like, soooo much happened but at the end I finished, 329 miles on my computer.  Still difficult to get my head completely around that number. Some names missing off the roster this year, primarily Mr Ek!  Hope all is well dude, I'll keep my eye on Charlie for you:)  Nice to see both the Braun's on the list, no Joe Fox though?  I think I counted 6 Nebraskans, a few down from last year.  Oh yeah, one last thing...I signed up for single speed? Why? Why not.  Dumbass...

photo: Steve Fuller

Long live the PCL! Keep gravel racing free! Thanks GT for giving it another go!



Monday, December 5, 2011

yeah I'm bored...

My least favorite snow event scenario, rain followed by rain/snow followed by wet snow, followed by snow, followed by sub-freezing temperatures. Makes my commute sketch, streets lumpy with ice & all.  Been running with the dogs the last couple weeks, I'll call it jogging not running.  Calling it running is an insult to runners.  The dogs of course are naturals, even the little one.  Me...various aches & pains but they are subsiding.

Be safe,


Saturday, December 3, 2011


 all day!

cold & wet, but enjoy!