Sunday, November 28, 2010


...wasn't I supposed to be a Jingle CX? With a 10 day trip to Oregon looming, something had to give. Bummer, but it was the annual to Coralville, IA. Always love racing there, lots of great people. Part of the reason for not making the journey was the need to get everything ready for "the trip" but an equally important part was the need to spend some time at home as well as the fact that I've been into work for a couple hours every day getting ready for yet another short week (for me that is).

Portland weather...rain & more rain, wouldn't expect anything else. Bend weather...snow & more snow, had that last year so I know what to expect. Borrowed these images below from, shots from an event at the raceway. Tons of great photos on the site to check out, lots of "what I am getting myself into" images to ponder. If my equipment isn't beat down enough this should stick a fork in it...

Do I miss not being at Jingle, yeah I do. Am I glad I stayed home, yep!



Friday, November 26, 2010

I had a dream last night...

...ok, a nightmare. During a race I took a bike from the pit & then I couldn't find my way back onto the course. The course was there I just couldn't tell which way I was supposed to go? In frustration I ended up throwing my bike like 50 feet over a fence (I guess I had super-powers in this dream). Once I retrieved my bike I rode it around an inner city setting until I flatted my rear tubular on a big piece of brown glass. I interpret this dream in one of two ways, either something bad is going to happen to me or the bad thing has already happenned in my dream & I'm home free. We'll see how it plays out.

The final push of the season is here. The bikes & gear are leaving for Oregon, actually KC, on Sunday. The KCCX guys are probably pulling out Tuesday in the Trek Store Sprinter van pulling a trailer with all their gear as well as ours. Same scenario as last year. Thanks guys! Have a safe trip! You had your share of travel drama last year it'll be all good this go around:)

That means I have to have all my shit organized & ready to go to KC by Saturday night. I spent a couple hours in the lab last night prepping my race bike. Done with that one. I had my propane blast furnace keeping me toasty...

Started with the temperature at 38 degrees & within 20 minutes it was 48 & by the time I closed up the lab an hour and a half later it was nearly 60. The blast furnace was a christmas gift from my wife last year & it rocks! Years past I would drag bikes into the basement during the winter, pain in the ass. Now if I only had a floor drain, running water, bathroom, sat. tv, and a fridge I'd be set.

Need to get the pit bike prepped but I'm still riding it today & tomorrow...



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

training races...

...ummm, I mean Lincoln CX weekend.

Kind of looks like I'm riding a rear flat. Pump says 32...I wonder what it really is?
I went into the weekend with the attitude of just have fun. Wearing the hat of race director/racer is a stressful combo. It worked...I had fun. Am I glad it's over, no doubt!

Everyone that helped...awesome job!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday's course froze overnight along with a fresh dusting of snow. By 10:30, my start time, the sun popped out & the course was in full meltdown. Mud again. Saturday was slop, yesterday was grease. I managed to turn a decent start into a tangled wipe out coming off the flyover, went from about 6th to 20 something as I struggled to get up while bikes were bombing down at me coming off the flyover. By the time I had the course figured out the race was coming to an end, scratched my way back to a 15th place finish. Not what I wanted but...

TP rocked it for the win, awesome man!

In the 35+, Mod 14th & Woodman 20th.

Thanks to the folks for being great hosts!

Home last night just before midnight, 5 hours sleep, back to reality. Work is crazy & have to finish up prep for the Lincoln CX this weekend!

Some pictures when I can.



Saturday, November 13, 2010

I got 8th in the 45+,
35+...Mark 7th & Nate 19th.
Course was in better shape than I had anticipated yesterday. A bit muddy but got in about 6 laps. Course is tough, quite a bit of up & down & pretty bumpy at times. Supposed to be colder today, high of 37 with snow showers. I'm guessing the ruts we laid down yesterday afternoon will be frozen this morning. The Cat 4's @ 8:30 will have a pretty wild ride.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Drove through pouring rain, sleet, & heavy snow at times to get here last night. 21 degrees now but it's supposed to be sunny & in the 40's today. A couple inches of snow on the ground which should melt off & make this afternoon's course inspection interesting, that is if they let us on the course...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

boots on the ground...

My parents are hard at work, enjoying the unbelievable fall weather & getting more spy photos of the New Belgium Cup USGP venue in Fort Collins, these are from yesterday...

I'm banking on the conditions being pretty tough, fairly cold & a bit muddy. Pessimistic? Maybe, but if it's not how I just problem, at least I was ready for the worse.

Thanks mom & dad, see ya soon!



Sunday, November 7, 2010

straight outta Lecompton...

Here's how the story goes (or something like this)...guy down in Lecompton (Lawrence area) gets into CX & then turns over a sweet piece of land for a permanent venue. There was even the making of some sort of oval track? Not sure what was going on there have to ask. Course was great, thanks Michelle & crew! Pictured below is a taste of what we saw, might look tame but the surface was pretty bumpy & every gradual downhill was followed by an equally (if not longer) up. The arms & back (which was already sore driving down) took a pounding, tubulars were/are the saving grace on this type of surface. Off-camber everywhere & a huge spiral (seems to be real popular these days). All picture credit goes to Roger, abundant as usual, thanks man!
Me & macaroni entering the spiral...
Somewhere lost in the spiral...
My day...I'm unsure what my form is right now? I feel good, or maybe I should say "ok". Something just seems to be missing. I don't feel particularly fast or slow just somewhere? The expression "going through the motions" comes to mind. Fun? Yeah I had fun, 67 minutes of torture, yeah it was fun:)

I'll say it again, folks down there did a good job with the course.

Here it is November 7th & we're still racing in 60+ degree weather. I haven't even had mud on my tires this season, haven't worn anything but a short sleeved skinsuit. That may change for Fort Collins next weekend. I see some small chances for precipitation, but they have been just as dry there as we have been here. Temperature wise though it looks like the longsleeve will be coming out.

Today we're dialing in the Pioneers course since I'll be out of town this coming weekend & the Lincoln CX Weekend is the following weekend! I've spoken to a lot of folks from the KC area that are making the trip up, just want to let you all know we appreciate it. If you've raced at the Pioneers venue you know how sweet it is, spread the word!

The final push is on. Fort Collins this weekend, Lincoln CX the weekend after that, then Jingle the weekend after that, then Portland the weekend after that, then Nationals in Bend the weekend after that. SON-OF-A...

I'm just glad to be home today (most of it) spending it with the family.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trying to figure out mobile blogger. Can get words to post but not pix...standby

Thursday, November 4, 2010

FC spy photos...

...thanks mom:)

These are from Monday. The flyover is already there, you can see it off in the distance in the first photo. My Dad said quite a bit of elevation change & if it's wet it's going to be a mess.