Sunday, June 28, 2009

so how'd it go...?

It went pretty good. Objective: have a good time...accomplished.

Coach, myself, & the Lincoln Industries Juniors (Coach's kids) made our way down to KC Saturday afternoon for a couple days of crits. Lodging was provided by super-host TP with JT & son already in the house (he raced Friday as well). Thanks TP!

Arrived at the venue with just under an hour before my Cat 3 race, registered, kitted up & proceeded to warm up. Warming up was no problem with the heat & high humidity, I was ready to go in about 10 minutes. It being just a few weeks since my departure from my foray into long distance gravel riding I've been trying to get some speed back. The pace of the race challenged a few times but was basically manageable. Final results weren't anything to brag about but I was right in it to the finish. Mission accomplished, a good time was had. Below: Coach & my non-matching Gary Fisher Arc Pro's (he rocking the trip-x fork to my race lite). These bikes continue to impress, I'm super-satisfied with the ride & still lovin' the graphics.
No idea...?
Today we rolled out early so TP, Coach, & myself could race the Master's together at 8:00am. Glad we did, we don't get to race together enough (understatement). TP took 2nd & Coach 4th, me...I was there. Lets call it a good workout, found myself out of position & payed the price. Did I have a good time, hell yeah. Racing bikes with friends...all good! Below: thanks Tanya for snapping the pic & coming out to watch.
Job well done to the SKC crew! I didn't race Friday but the two courses I did race we're very good. I hope this weekend sticks & they build on a really impressive debut year. If you didn't make the missed out. Good size fields & great venues, top notch promotion.

Had the chance to see some of my favorite folks I haven't seen since the Fall. The Wallace's, Edwards', & countless faces in the regional race seen. The KC vibe is awesome, great people. I'm hoping to make Lawerence this weekend but a number of things need to line up for that to happen, right now its 70-30 I'm going. The seventy is the "not going" side, insert frown here.

When in MO... What's up with these names? I spent half my time at the fireworks store laughing at the goofy names.
Reality check, back to work tomorrow. A week from hell is forecast, wish me luck.



Friday, June 26, 2009

random june collection...

there goes the neighborhood...
minor maintenance, had to be there...
hey Ryan rememember this straightaway?
backyard farming...
spinach, zucchini, strawberries, beats...
lettuce, peas, tomatoes, peppers...
people are not that different than cows...
serious flat fix firepower...
See some you in KC tomorrow...



Sunday, June 21, 2009

"plan C" hundee...

Until this morning "plan A" was a super-ride (details are classified, well sort of) but up until this morning the forecast had the wind at SSE under 10 mph. At 4:30 am I checked the weather, actually I checked 4 weather sites, & they all had SW in the mid-teens. Son of a....! I already knew it was going to be hot & humid, we also had a bunch more rain last night so the gravel was going to be messy but now an extremely unfavorable wind. I can't be expected to finish a super-ride with my jersey pockets stuffed full of firecrackers from MO into a 15 mph headwind. Ooops! I just spilled part of the secret plan. It was going to be a historic journey. BTW - I'm replacing the term "epic" with "historic" to describe epic, I mean historic rides. I'll roll out "plan A" another day, may not be this year though.

Quick implement "Plan B". Oh yeah I don't have a "plan B". How about...head straight south to KS & back. Quasi-historic. Below: this is what I had to deal with. Mix this with the before mentioned stiff SW wind, ugh!
It took me an hour to get to SW 2nd & Stagecoach, that's less than 15 miles. Below: doesn't look to bad...until you ride on it. Ok, "plan C". Throw out the play book & just ride around.
Stopped to chat with a few of the locals. Ignorant bliss...
Don't even think about it...
This is where a T-Rex escaped the secret research compound, my head was on a pivot knowing there was a dinosaur loose...
says it all...
This was my money shot but I screwed it up, found a golf ball on H Road, 2 miles south of Crete...
So anyway...I basically rode down to SW2nd & Stagecoach (launched "plan C") then headed west & north to Denton then made my way to Milford then headed south to Crete then down to Cortland & back on the Homestead.

Good day after all.




Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


my other hobby...nope, not golfing, don't play. I have & even tried to be obsessed but too frustrating & wastes too much time. This hobby is finding golf balls while walking the dogs along a nearby golf course. Sometimes I'll spy one when heading out for a ride and swoop in on it & spend the ride with a golf ball in my jersey pocket. Had one in my pocket for the steamy WNW last night, both the ball & myself made it home safely.

Somedays I'll find one, two, or on a good day 3 or 4 (that doesn't happen to often). What do I do with them? I've given some to golfer's I know, but right now I've probably got 100 balls in bags in the basement. Something about finding free golf balls (BTW- golf balls aren't cheap, at least the ones these time waster's play with at the country club) that appeals to me even if I have no plans for them. I just need to give them away, both my brother's-in-law are frustrated time waster's (golfer's).
also unrelated...had to be there.
My Sunday adventure is set.

Those riding to Ponca tomorrow, have a blast!

Those racing at Ponca Saturday, good luck!

Those riding home from Ponca Sunday after riding up tomorrow & racing Saturday, sick!



Saturday, June 13, 2009

37.4172 km...

I don't decide the distance...I just show up & ride. Brought the Jetta out of semi-retirement for the trip up to Yutan. Bad front brakes & no left turn signal, no problem.

Good turnout, even some KS folk rolled into town. How'd it go? Pretty good actually, truth be told...this whole week on the bike has gone pretty good. Tuesday night crit jam was the best group & flow we've ever had, survived a fairly tame WNW, & didn't fall apart at the TT. Ok, my form was pretty shabby the last 5-6 miles.
Crappy picture of the '94 Jetta sound system, yep...that's a cassette deck. Popping in some Bowie. There's about 4-5 cassettes in the old Jetta. Two of them are Rage Against the Machine, a Bob Marley, & Changes Bowie (pictured, sort of). I think there's one more but I can't remember what it is. This car hardly ever gets driven so the music situation is pretty static.
I might be riding the road a lot these days but my head was going side to side looking at gravel as I made my journey up Hwy 77 today. Bummed I have to miss the Ponca ride, have to work next Saturday. Someday.

I need to cook up an adventure for myself for next Sunday.



Friday, June 12, 2009

State TT tomorrow...

I better start training.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

it could have been worse...

My wife is from the Norfolk area, her grandmother is laid up from going Rokke on her heal (shattered & surgically pieced back together) by falling into the steeplechase pit at the University of Northern CO graduation, so we were coming up here anyway...

What's the worst that could happen?  Get dropped & ride part of the race solo?  Hell I've done that before, hell I've even done it at this race, twice! That's when I was supposedly going good too. Well...stay tuned.  

Forecast was for SE wind, it was NE.  When I arrived at the Stanton County Fairgrounds it was wet from last night's rain but not raining today, yet.  I hopped on the trainer & just spun out the legs for 30 minutes as the drizzle began & slowly intensified.  Temps in the low 50's.  The call to the line was answered by about 25 cold, wet, shivering rider's for the 1/2/3 event. 

As we rolled out we went from wet to soaked from a combo of road spray & the drizzle that continued for a while longer.  I have no idea when it actually let up because we were drenched to the bone.  

A few hard efforts on the first eastern leg, feeling ok.  A few more as we turn south & just like that...I'm done.  No surprises here, I haven't trained for it so that's what I get.  Its all good though, I went into it expecting this outcome & it came as no surprise.  I immediately switched into riding my own race mode & off I went.  Picked up a couple Iowa State dudes about 5-6 miles later & three of us rotated to the end of the first lap.  The Hawkeye's bailed at the turn & I could see a rider coming across back down the road a bit.  I've never dropped out of  race, crashed out yes, but never quit so I kept going & was joined by Jon V. a couple miles later.  Jon was the rider bridging up to me, he had flatted early in the race & rode his ass off to get to this point.

We joined forces & enjoyed each others company for the remaining 30 or so miles.  Tempo riding mostly.  We finished together with smiles on our faces.  Good riding with you man.

You know what...64 miles, 20.4 average, pretty good training ride.  I've got to start somewhere. My legs are tired for the effort.  Glad I showed up.

Lets talk about tomorrow.  I'm not racing the crit, what I'm doing right now is not racing.  Sure I could line up but be off the pace a few hard efforts later.  I'd just be in the way & I don't need that mental beatdown.  I've got some work to do.

As usual the Norfolk crew put on a good race & tomorrow's venue will be more of the same. Get on up here if you're on the fence about coming.

Driving back to Norfolk from Stanton I heard "Ride Captain Ride", that song is dope!  Good end to the day.

Found the below Phish version of The Blues Image classic...



BTW - a guy I met down in KS last weekend is putting on an event, check this out:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

dirty kanza hangover...

I'm lost. No lie, depression has set in. Now what? I'm being ripped apart by what I'm supposed to be doing & what I'd rather be doing. I guess I'm supposed to be hopping on the road bike, racing crits, & meeting up for group road rides. What I want to do is hop on my CX bike & explore back roads.

I remember a March 1st, 2008 ride with Coach & Cornbread...C-bread was talking to us about Dirty Kanza. I distinctly remember thinking an event of that length was basically stupidity. Fast forward to January of '09, I see a post from C-bread saying DK registration is open. I didn't even hesitate & signed up. I'm so glad I did. The Flint Hills are simply...fantastic (to pick one of a hundred adjectives).

I'll be ready for CX in a few months but right now I'm struggling with my path.

I may or may not be in Norfolk this weekend, I don't know. I'm mentally unprepared.

Warning: this may not be my last DK post, or maybe it will be. I need to move on some how.

Below: this is the only picture I took out on course. Somewhere around mile 170-175 on Gun Barrel Road. It was 6:52 pm, I was by myself, surrounded by nothing, with around 30 miles to the finish. The scenery was mind-blowing. That smile is for real, I was in awe of my surroundings & barring any disaster I was going to finish this event!