Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CO training camp (revised 8.28.08)

Arrived in Fort Collins Sunday afternoon to begin a 3 day training camp. Actually I'm here because my mom is having 3 vertabrae fused w/ a combo of titanium plates & screws. This corrective surgery a result of a nasty car crash 1.5 years ago. The surgeons here are amazing, the prognosis is good & the likely hood of success is high. None the less, are there risks? Absolutely.
All that being said, I brought my bike(s). I brought my road bike & one of my nearly finished CX bikes (hoping to finish the build).
Day 1 - Rist Canyon to Masonville to Fort Collins. 56.1 miles. I was hoping to do something painful, I found it. About 13 miles uphill w/ some nasty bits at the top. The reward...15 miles downhill to Masonville on one of the most beautiful roads I've encountered in Larimer County.
Day 1 part 2 - I met up w/ old friends Stacey & Tony @ 5:30. I finished up my CX bike after my morning ride & we hit the roads for another 1.5 hours. Riding, talking, & just enjoying the beautiful evening. Finished off the night w/ Stacey whipping up a delicious post-ride tofu dish while Tony put the french press into overdrive. If I hadn't done so much riding yesterday I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep w/ all the caffine in me.
No pictures to post, just picture a beautiful CO memory & that'll do.
Unsure where I'll journey today, hopefully something painful again.
I miss Holly & the dogs.

Day 2 (8-26-08) Horsetooth - Masonville - Carter Lake - Berthoud - Loveland - FC, 58.7 miles. Climbing legs felt much better today. New roads, great ride. Kept asking myself...why do we live in NE?

Day 3 - No ride but my mom's surgery was a success. Titanium plates connecting c3 to c4 & c5 to c6. Amazing stuff. At 10:30 pm Tuesday she was in a lot of pain post-surgery, at 5:00 pm Wednesday she was home feeling good. My dad stayed at the hospital sitting up in a chair all night, I think his recovery will take longer than hers.


Monday, August 18, 2008

50/20 A Journey to Wee Town

My quest begins. When the pavement ends, go gravel.

An army of tractors returns from battle. I reached my destination, only to to find it deserted. The natives had abandoned this once proud enclave. I had brought along my pack of Sweet Cherry Little Cigars as offering. I would return home with more questions than answers.

Mission accomplished.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Its over....

How to put 3 days of racing into a few words? I mostly enjoyed myself, was frustrated at times, & revisited some of my weaknesses. Non-racing related...Holly came with (awesome), stayed w/ Tom, Nancy, & the kids (awesome, thank you!), hung out w/ great people (Scott, Tanya, JT, Ryan).
Didn't sleep enough, ate to much, & I'm spent.

Friday - Downtown KCK. Holly's was off her game w/ photos. Here's the best of the worst, or something like that.
Saturday- Cliff Drive. I flatted. You flat here your done. It rained, so it looked like we'd done a cross race when it was all over. I got a wheel change & decided to stay out there, rode the last 3 circuits w/ a Mesa kid who flatted also. First flat in a race, bound to happen some time. Ran over a big chunk of a beer bottle, I know this because I went back to the scene afterwards & spotted it.Sunday - Overland Park Crit. Still beating myself up over this one. Just couldn't seal the deal. I was right there.

Congrats to Ryan, hasn't been racing but finished in the money Friday & Saturday in the 1/2's. I know you got screwed Saturday, but we know. Great job Chet, his first Cat 3 races & he rode great. Scott, the best I've seen you riding for this weekend, right on. Tom was nails Friday night. Took 2 premes & got 9th overall.

Mentally, I believe my road season is over. Technically, I still need to show up for the State RR in September.



Friday, August 8, 2008

44 on 8-8-08

I also had my birthday on 8-8-88 so this one is pretty cool but not mind-blowing. KC bound today for 3 days of crits. http://tourofkc.com/TourofKCFlyer08.pdf Last year we suffered in high temperatures, this year looks to be quite pleasant. How do I think the weekend will go? Reasonable expectations of course. Reports to follow. Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo's from last year. I'm actually at the front of the race cresting
the climb, not the last lap though. I remember Tony Wilhelm yelling "get off the front!". I think I ended up 14th out of around 100. Spectator's were throwing so much water on me that my skin suit was starting to get baggy around the crotch. Felt good though, it was hot!

Later, TK

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Marc, Dan, & myself made the pilgrimage to Czech Fest. Started off w/ six-pack of apple kolaches.

Headed for the grocery for some fluids & spotted some familiar bikes in front of the bar. Wills, JB, Craigio, & Super Don having an a.m. beer. Apparently Wilber
is not on board w/ the smoking ban. Me without my Sweet Cherry Little Cigars, dammit.

This last image goes into the "when donkey's fly" or "pigs fly out of my butt" or "when hell freezes over" category. Yep that's Craigio with a cell phone. No its not borrowed its his. Congratulations man.

KC next weekend.