Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd verse same as the first...

if you tried to get on to SBO last night...I'm not even going to get into it. My night went better, I'll leave it at that.

ok...yesterday, a small Lincoln crew rolled down to good guy Chris Locke's race in Leavenworth. Craigio & myself in one car & wood-man, beth, & k-dub in the enclave.

If I'd looked at the start list before the race I probably could have predicted within a few spots where I'd finish. 25 at the line for the 1/2/3's. All the big KS/MO hitters on deck except the Topeka gang? Well...I would have been really close to my prediction, I finished 13th. Maybe I could have moved up a couple slots but some really strong guys would have needed to have a bad day. Yeah it was a little cold out, if you get a close up of this picture there's a big bead of snot coming off my nose & a "glass cutter" in full effect, here ya go...

Marshall, ScottyD, & myself stayed together lap after lap with myself doing the lightest load of work. Didn't have any desire to stick my nose out to far for fear of it getting lopped off. At times I was giving it all I had just to stay with the group. I did pull up the road twice but the tempo was noticeably slower then when Marshall was on the front. Highlights: I ran over Alex Edwards finger when he crashed in front of me & just missed running over Mills head when he crashed in front of me. I hit the deck myself late in the race when I crossed wheels with Marshall, minor set back though I jumped up & got back in it. When we hit the road for the final time to the finish I was done & I knew it, Marshall lit the after burner & scorched it up the road. ScottyD finished strong putting in just enough hard effort to make sure I stayed behind him. Bottom line: I had a good time & did all I could do.

The front end was dominated by youth: Joe, Chris, Andrew, & the younger Shad. I'm glad to see Winkler up there keeping it real for 40+ set.

What's up next? Topeka Cup/Boulevard Cup this weekend, Norfolk the weekend after that, & then Boulder. What no Louisville? That would have to be a whole other post, maybe another time.

I'll see about borrowing a picture from Roger (or someone) if I find one.

Great seeing everyone, always feels like my fall home away from home down there.




ScottyD said...

It was good to see you again. I was one worried dude seeing you toe the line. All those base miles had me wondering. Your looking crazy fit/thin right now.

Mark Studnicki said...

Wish I could have stayed up there for longer than 1 minute. Those young kids are killing it down here this year. That's why i'm back in Masters.