Thursday, July 31, 2008

Man Down

I guess it was bound to happen, the potential is there on any group ride. No sense in finger pointing, most of us know what went down.
Bottom line...KW hit the deck as a result of a very suspect maneuver by another individual. For a few of us behind it, it happened in slow-mo. Nothing you can do but wait & watch the fall out.
I believe Kev's alright, but a bit beat up to say the least. Get well soon man, its great riding with you. The Dark Knight also went down in this incident, plenty of road rash but was able to ride back to Lincoln.


Oh yeah, Kev I've got your sunglasses.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ground Score Saturday

Day started off w/ some early morning hill repeats followed by my first sweet score out on West Van Dorn.
Later that same day...score # 2. Not every day you find a nearly full pack of Captain Black Sweet Cherry Little Cigars.
Saturday evening we rode down to the Haymarket to check out Lefler's band & the CSG running race. Saw the Hansen clan, KB, & the Bonsall's. Ate some Lazlo's & headed for home. Evening ended on a bad note. If your familiar w/ the railroad tracks in the 8th & M area...Holly ended up going over the bars. Severe bummer. Sore wrist, bruised chest, & bump on her forehead. She's ok, she's tough. She needs a sweet cherry little cigar.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Family

My parents came for a visit, first trip back to NE since they abandoned ship for CO almost 2 years ago. Hudson makes himself comfortable on Dad's lap.

Shilo turned 5 this week & Hudson's 9 months? Can't remeber, might be 8 months.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gaining or losing ground?

USCF Cat 1,2,3
Chris Spence 9:54:00 10:46:23 0:52:23 1
Justin Maresh 9:59:00 10:52:21 0:53:21 2
John Vondracek 9:57:00 10:51:36 0:54:36 3
Mark Merritt 9:55:00 10:50:24 0:55:24
Troy Krause 9:56:00 10:53:08 0:57:08
JOSEPH MCWILLIAMS 9:58:00 10:55:56 0:57:56
Randy Gibson 10:00:00 11:03:50 1:03:50
Chet Henry 9:53:00 10:57:46 1:04:46

CSG TT was last Saturday. I rode it 3 seconds faster then last year. Actually felt pretty good, actually ok w/ my performance. As you can see...5th is all it was good for. The Cat 3 R.O.Y. is coming down to the wire. I believe I have a slim 20 point lead over John V. w/ 1 event left.

KAOS website says otherwise:

"Chris Spence, Justin Maresh and John Vondracek swept the Men's 1/2/3 medals, with Spence crossing the time in 52 minutes and change. Mark Brackenbury (Masters 45-plus) and Rich Pearson (Masters 55-plus) each won silver medals, while Bryan Redemske (Men's 4) took bronze.

Redemske's finish clinched his Nebraska Rider Of the Year victory, while Vondracek now has a commanding lead in the Men's 3 competition."

I think this is what they call "bulletin board material"

Later, TK

Friday, July 18, 2008

"You just made the list"

I've got to move past last weekend. Hard for some reason, probably because every day is a new twist on my healing process. I took the week off, sort of. Skipped Tuesday night speed work, unsure if it even went off, & I was a no show for WNW. I commuted & that was that. Last night I snuck in an hour ride before the rains came.
I've spent most of the week pissed off at a couple of individuals, one in particular. I've got to just let it go. Risk or wrecklessness? A fine line.
Tomorrow is CSG TT. I'll either have fresh legs or wish I had trained harder this week. We'll see.
Anyway...Tour of KC is just a few weeks out, one of my favorite weekends. 3 crits, 3 days, big fields. I'll be ready.

Later, TK

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bike League Round 2

At this point it's tough to predict how many, or few, will participate. I believe we had 7 last night.
Not bad. At least it wasn't less than last week. Format...a mini-adventure race on Lincoln's trail system, complete w/ map & numbered destinations. Ride ended up being a little over 9 miles. Heck, it was an adventure for me as well. I had never been on the "TC" trails in Tierra Park.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Hudson's first swim. Can't say he took to it as fast as Shilo did, but his new life vest worked out great.

Fireworks & swimming had these 2 on guard & tired.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunrise Fireworks

6:30 am top secret session, not that big a secret. Good start to the weekend, Norfolk bound in an hour or so. No internet but satellite tv. I can watch the tour at least. Taking the road bike & the TT bike.

Random from yesterday. Somebody's a Michael Stipe fan.

Be safe.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Steamy - TNC

90 & humid. Ran into Corey on the way out. He was headed for gravel on his CX, changed his mind & came w/ me to check things out. Knife to a gun fight? Nope, he ended up riding his butt off during the workout, dude can ride. Railing the corners on nobbies.
7 x 2 laps w/ about 2 minutes recovery, lap = 1 mile. About number 4 I started to unravel. The 2 minutes between efforts wasn't cutting it. Hung in there for all seven but struggled to keep Kevin & John V's wheel to the finish, getting gapped for the sprints.
Kevin on his TT bike. Knife to a gun fight? Nope, he was smokin' it.
Why have have we not done group speed workouts since State Fair Crits in '04? Painful good time.